A sleepless Night

My first blog, first write up and have nothing on my head to write down, accompanying with a cup of coffee and “Shall we Dance”  going on the television on romedy now. All i have in my head was the glance of sleepless last night. Last night a truck of garbage full of old memories … More A sleepless Night

#unspoken said

Dear good guy! I hear your cries I can feel your pain I can smell your frustration I can see the confusion in your eyes Confused about how women see you In a land of women tired of being played. They still take you as a joke and think you’re all games They play you … More #unspoken said

I saw LOVE!

Love is not we carry together in our heart, love is what carry our hearts together. ~ MINDTOMIND I Dedicate my all attention to you and gift my little piece of heart in this write up. I saw the affection of love in you with black shirt for the first time! A sense of blush … More I saw LOVE!


“The best way to make your enemy loose is to show your smile and hide your sorrow”.       ~mindtomind~ After a break for a month from writing i realised how much i miss my pen and my blank white sheet, that miss is a sorrow for me. Usually sorrow is between parted lovers, … More #Sorrow

Bie Bie 2016

“Bless me coz i blessed you with beautiful memories in the past year. Dont good bye me coz i will be there in certain corners as 2016”                                                 -mindtomind I will definately … More Bie Bie 2016

Imperfect is Perfect

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” -Egyptian Proverb Visibly wholesome with internal fractions Being community predisposed to fatal attractions And Remains selective In a world where hearts are pure but minds are deceptive Where The mind screams lust while the heart craves affection The roots of perfection lies within imperfection For every blossoming rose at … More Imperfect is Perfect